An adventure called B-Stone

B-Stone reality was officially born in 2019, from the desire to reinvent ourselves with a new adventure, by sharing our passion for travel and our love for the magnificent places that Sardinia has to offer.

In our locations of "Mari Pintau" and "Is Canaleddus" we manage the kiosk, the restaurant, equipment rental, the beach club and toilets. We make sure that customer's needs and product quality are always offered first.

Mari Pintau and Is Canaleddus are two wonderful pebble beaches, featuring crystal clear waters and framed in the surrounding Mediterranean scrub. What makes these two corners of paradise even more special, is their classification as "Blue Flag" Beaches, an international honor that certifies their cleanliness and eco sustainable management.

Our "Bau Beach" in Is Canaleddus, which we are very proud of, is a pet authorized and equipped area that allows you to enjoy your summer next to your beloved dogs, with all the best services for both.

In 2021 we expanded our services up to the beach of Poetto, with the "B-Stone Beach" project, bringing us closer to the city and offering the opportunity to enjoy a sandy beach instead of the pebble one.

In our locations you will find peace and relax you always wanted, surrounded by a landscape painted by nature itself, with all the comforts at your fingertips!